New Yorkers Support AVR

The charts below show the percent of likely voters who support for automatic voter registration in every New York State Senate district. Contact your representative to tell them you support automatic voter registration. The list of State Senators reflects the outcomes of the November 2018 elections.

Support is expressed in terms of two-way support, meaning individuals who said they “don’t know,” are excluded. Across the state 64 percent of likely voters support automatic voter registration, even after seeing arguments against the policy.


Civis Analytics fielded support for automatic voter registration and respondents were presented with arguments for and against AVR. The sample for this analysis was a nationally representative sample of 8,357 with 516 in New York respondents and the responses were fielded between August 14th to September 30th 2018. Using using modern machine learning techniques, Civis generated estimates for automatic voter registration in every New York state senate districts.

The weighted New York sample was 48 percent college, 52 percent non-college, 15 percent 18-34, 21 percent 35-49, 34 percent 50-64, 30 percent 65+, 74 percent white, 14 percent black, 9 percent Hispanic and 4 percent Asian.